What I’ve Learned (so far) While Pregnant with Twins

Well I’m almost 19 weeks pregnant with our twin girls, which is half way there (37 weeks is full term for twins), and to say I’ve learned a lot in that time would be an understatement. God is continuing to teach me, every day, more about myself, pregnancy, becoming a mother, and most of all trusting Him. Today I’m sharing some of the things I’ve learned over these past few months, while being pregnant with twins and anticipating parenthood…

Twins copy

Our sweet girls….Baby A is the shy one on top, Baby B is on the bottom showing off her cute little nose.

 1. Life changes quickly.

I’m a planner and always have been (thanks Mom), but I never planned to be a mom of twins. Not even in my wildest imagination did I think our family would go from 2 to 4 in a short 9 months. Charlie and I had planned on starting a family, both of us continuing to work, and eventually me staying at home with our children once we’re able to financially. We just didn’t think all of that would happen that quickly. With twins means double the love and also double the expenses. It means that paying for childcare is out of the question. In fact, it wasn’t even a conversation, we both just knew immediately after the news that I would be no longer working in the office and would be staying home with our girls full time. We didn’t plan on that transition happening so quickly, but it did and we know God has a plan. It has to be hard to make that decision to go from a working mom to a stay at home mom (and vice versa), and maybe God thought it would be a hard decision down the road, so he made the decision for us. I couldn’t be happier to be able to be home with our girls.

2. Pregnancy changes you.

For anyone who has been pregnant, you know this is true. Pregnancy changes you not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. My thought processes changed, my moods changed (good and bad, sorry honey!), and my priorities changed. What mattered before doesn’t matter as much any more, and what didn’t matter before, matters a lot now. Charlie and I have always talked about and made decisions based on “what’s best for our family” but now that has a whole new meaning. Life isn’t just about him and I anymore, it’s about raising our girls the best we can. If pregnancy changes my mindset this much, I can only imagine how much motherhood will change me.

3. It’s OK to ask for help.

This one was hard for me. I’ve been pretty independent as an adult and carry the stubbornness gene that seems to flow through my family. “Taking it easy” was not an easy adjustment, but it’s more important to listen to my body and rest than try to tackle everything on my own. I’m so appreciative of my kind and supportive family who gladly takes over when I need it. Asking for help is hard, but it’s a good thing I’m learning how to do it now because I’m sure I’ll need it more than ever in a few months!

4. Getting large is part of the job.

I’ve always watched my weight, stayed active, and try to eat right, so when you’re told your expected to gain 35-45 pounds, it’s a tough pill to swallow. I couldn’t help but to fight it…at first, I mean if you eat an extra large piece of cake for dessert, you eat a little less and work out a little harder the next day, right? It doesn’t really work that way when you’re pregnant. My babies are depending on my body, it’s no longer mine, so I’m doing my best to take care of it. I’ve also learned to accept the fact that I feel like a blimp and I’m only going to get larger (think measuring 40 weeks at 32 weeks)! It’s part the job. Not to say I’m eating everything in sight, but if I’m hungry, I eat, even if its at 2 am, and then again at 3 am. I think the girls are training me for late night feedings….

5. Worrying = parenthood.

Pregnancy is such a delicate thing, you can’t help but to worry about what’s going on inside of you and wonder if everything’s OK. Add another baby in there, and you’re automatically considered high risk. Oh and then they’re identical, which means extra concern and complications that can occur so they want to see you every 2 weeks. And then all those blood tests you take just as a precaution, what if one comes back unfavorable and gives the doctors more reason for concern and more tests, just to tell you everything’s fine in the end? (whew!) I’m learning that all of this worrying is a part of parenthood and I need to trust God’s plan because I’m not in control.

6. Nothing is perfect.

That whole control thing I just mentioned? Yeah, it doesn’t work when you have twins. I admit I’m a control freak, but it’s just not possible for things to be perfect when you have two babies, I know that now and they’re not even here yet. If I had just one baby, I’d try to be in control and try to make everything perfect, and that’s why God gave me twins. You just can’t. I love to plan and I’m sure it will help, but I am learning that I will need to go with the flow and take each day as it comes.

7. God made me to be a mom.

I’ve babysat many times, but some people are just naturally great with babies and kids. That’s not me. I love kids and have always wanted a family, but I don’t know all the right things to say or do when I’m around them, and I envy people who just have that gift. That being said, I now know, without a doubt, that my purpose is to be a mom, and I’m so blessed to be able to fulfill that. God also put it on my heart, years ago, to want to reach out to young girls in various stages of their lives. It never crossed my mind that I would fulfill that calling by being a mom to girls (I always envisioned myself having a house full of boys for some reason, don’t ask why). He always has a plan, doesn’t He?

8. We are blessed.

Real life is hard, change is hard, responsibility is hard, parenthood is hard, but at the end of the day, Charlie and I realize that we are so unbelievably blessed. Learning to count our blessings on a regular basis has really helped us through the last few months, and I’m excited for the day when our two biggest blessings are finally here!

Well those are my “pregnant with twins reflections” if you will 🙂 Are there any lessons you learned during pregnancy?

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