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The renovations at our house are still going on ….but mainly just outside at this point. We’re replacing the siding, shutters, gutters, and some roof repair. Inside is pretty much done, just a few finishing touches. We were able to move back in this weekend and I’m now settling into my new office space! No more working from the sofa or kitchen table! Here’s my new view:


 (Ignore the pile of insulation in the back yard…we’re still in renovation mode)

The office is pretty simple right now, just a white built in desk, but I’m thinking of some ideas to make it pretty…and functional. I like the idea of shelves on either side of the window for storage and to add decor. The only thing I don’t like about shelves is the clutter potential. If you’ve been following along this renovation, this room used to be a place where we threw everything, so I’m determined to keep this room clean and uncluttered. I’m thinking baskets and magazine holders to simplify everything, as well as neutral colors. Here are some ideas I like.

Home office





Source Unknown
Eclectic Home Office by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Catherine Renae Thomas Design Co.
Source Unknown
Wall cabinets would be a great idea for storage and clutter hiding, but we will be outgrowing this home very quick so we don’t want to put too much money into it if we don’t have to.
What’s your favorite way to hide office clutter?

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