Our DIY Upholstered Headboard

Ya’ll, I know I’m so behind on this but I finally have pictures of our headboard. I talked a little about inspiration and plans here and here. We finished it a couple of months ago, and then we found out I was pregnant, and I feel like I was asleep for 3 months straight. Actually having the energy to take pictures of the headboard without me in the bed has been close to impossible. So sorry for the delay but here they are.

Headboard 2


Headboard 3


Headboard1 copy


I did two rows of tufts, though you really can only see one row in the last picture. There are a ton of headboard tutorials out there and I certainly didn’t reinvent the wheel, so I won’t go step by step on how I did it, just share a few details on the materials.

I think we spent under $30 making this, using a few items we already had available to us (luaun plywood and carpet pad from my parents flooring store). The only things I actually had to purchase was batting (super cheap at Walmart), button kit for tufts (under $10 at Jo-anns), and the fabric (a $16 curtain panel from Target).

photo 1 (8)


photo 2 (7)


The whole reason we went down this road of making a new headboard was because we didn’t have the space for our previous headboard, which was a sleigh style. So we wanted something really low profile that didn’t take up room. It doesn’t go all the way to the floor, just below the top of the mattress, and attached to the wall -hotel style. This allowed us to take up zero floor space as well as leave room for a plug below it that we needed access to.

It’s nothing fancy but it works for us and we couldn’t be happier with it (or the price)!

Next up is finally hanging some artwork on the walls and a few bedding updates.

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