And Then There Were 4…

Our family is not just expanding, it’s doubling! Charlie and I are expecting TWINS this December and couldn’t be more excited/scared/blessed/thrilled/overwhelmed/(insert every emotion possible here)! Here is the picture that forever changed our lives:

photo (30)

I seriously stared at this image, during the ultrasound, laughing uncontrollably, telling the tech that she was joking. I think it’s safe to say that this was the most surprising news of our lives. I don’t think anyone expects twins, but it honestly didn’t even cross our minds. I purposefully skipped right over all of the information on multiples thinking there wasn’t even a chance. Twins aren’t in either of our families, but apparently it can happen spontaneously, and it did!

Here’s a more recent shot of our sweet babies. It looks like they’re already bonding in there, scheming against mom and dad!


How it’s going…

I’m about 13 weeks now and feeling better than I have the past couple of months. That first trimester fatigue is no joke! I would literally need a nap after walking to the bathroom and back, which is about 5 steps away. I’m getting some of my energy back and able to eat a bit more, which I’m sure helps with the energy. I’m definitely having some growing pains; I’m not a huge girl and according to my doctor, I’m aiming to gain another 35-45 lbs (yikes!), so I can feel everything kind of adjusting.

We don’t know the babies’ genders yet, but we do know that they’re identical so we’ll either have two boys or two girls! They’re doing great, both healthy and growing. We’d really appreciate prayers for our family; twin pregnancies are high risk, especially identical twins; but we’re fully trusting God and know that he’s in complete control.

 What this means for my business…

Twins are a complete game changer. I mean they say a baby changes everything, twins change everything you couldn’t possibly think about (I’m saying this now and they aren’t even born yet)! I’m so excited for this amazing opportunity to become a mom to these two little ones, and that’s what I’ll be, full time, for a while after they’re born. I’m still finishing up a few design projects and taking on small Richmond projects as well as e-design clients through September. After that, I’ll be taking a break to focus on the health of our babies. Bedrest is very likely in twin pregnancies, so I’m not going to push myself- the health of our little ones is #1. My plan is to resume design services after we get on some sort of schedule, and I’m able to dedicate time to my clients.

What this means for my blog…

As for the blog, I always have and always will love interior design, so you can expect for me to continue to blog about it. I mean I don’t think two newborns will have much design interest so who else am I going to talk patterns, colors, and design trends with?! I will obviously have less client projects on the blog and maybe a few baby updates sprinkled in, but not much else will change.

We will be renovating our house, in the coming weeks, to give us more usable space. I will be far away from the renovations for obvious precautionary reasons, so I won’t be able to blog about it in super detail, but I will certainly fill you in on what’s going on as well as before, during, after shots. More on that coming soon, as well as the nursery, of course!

Lot’s of amazing changes coming up and I’m excited to share this new chapter of our life!

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  1. Awww! What a blessing, and loved reading your blog and seeing those awesome pics of the twins again!

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