Decorating Dilemma: Making a House Flow

This is a common question I get: “how do I make my house flow?” Well, unfortunately there’s not one straight answer, every house is different, but here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Paint colors

Paint has a huge impact on a room, and it greatly affects how your house flows. You don’t want  every room in your house to be a different color, it can come off jarring and somewhat like a funhouse. But you also don’t have to paint every room the same color. Choose a palette for your home, and ensure all of those colors compliment each other. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams make picking a color palette simple by grouping complimenting colors for you.


via Benjamin Moore


More tips on choosing paint colors here.

2. Flooring

My family has been in the flooring business my entire life; so I’ve seen first hand how important flooring is from a construction standpoint, as well as for decor. The tip I usually give clients is to go neutral on your floors, pick something that can go in the majority of the rooms in your house, and add color in other ways. Not only does choosing a neutral floor allow you to get years out of your flooring (you will get sick of your blue carpet eventually…) it also allows all of the rooms in your home to flow better, leaving less lines to break up your view.



3. Treat it as one room

A common mistake in decorating is singling out rooms, and not taking the other rooms in the house in consideration. While I love giving rooms unique personality, and encourage it, it’s also important to ensure it flows with the other rooms; otherwise, the room feels like it doesn’t belong in the house. One trick in doing this is to treat the whole home (or floor if it’s a large home) as one room, at first. Decorate each room as if it’s attached to the room next to it. Use similar color palette and style, or pick a common color that repeats in all of the rooms. That common color can even be a neutral color.

After all of the basic pieces are in place, and flow with the other rooms, then layer in unique accents or colors to give the room personality.

Not only does this allow your eye to flow naturally from room to room, it helps when you buy furniture and decor as well. Items can easily be moved from room to room if needed.


Making a house flow takes practice and moving things around until it feels right. Hopefully these tips will be helpful! If you have a decorating dilemma that you’d like me to address on the blog, please contact me.

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