Ottoman as a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are so necessary in family rooms, but many of my clients struggle finding one that is functional and also kid friendly.

I’m a huge fan of using an ottoman as a coffee table. It provides a soft surface, so it’s safe for kids, and it’s a fun way to add pattern and texture.

Ottomans are so flexible too; you can re-purpose them in other rooms easily, and always recover with different fabric if your tastes change or you move them to another room. Many of them open up and have hidden storage for toys, blankets, etc. I always like putting a tray on top to contain items and provide a flat surface to place a drink.















Do you have an ottoman in your family room or living room? What do you think of the idea?

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  1. Dear Kelley,

    I recently replaced my wooden coffee table with a leather, tufted low bench that has storage inside. I keep a large, square black tray on top for beverages, tv remote, etc. It has been PERFECT since I finally have a place to put my feet up, but still functions as a coffee table!

    Love, nikii

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