DIY Rustic Kitchen Shelves

We have finally started to fill the blank wall in our kitchen! Hallelujah!


And it involves storage! Double Hallelujah! We needed something on this wall to balance out the cabinets on the opposite wall, so we decided on shelves to also add some storage.

We both like the rustic look and I wanted to balance out the white and stainless in the kitchen, so we decided on wood. We looked at a lot of ideas online using plumbing metal for brackets, but when all was said and done, it didn’t end up being as inexpensive as we’d like (metal is not cheap!) 

So we went with basic brackets that I spray painted a matte black.


We got a piece of 2×6 from the hardware store, cut it down to three 3 foot boards, and sanded them down to get rid of the markings and so they’d have smooth edges.


Actually, Charlie did the sanding, I did the watching/picture taking/moral support part. 🙂

I stained the boards a walnut color and then taped on the wall where I wanted the shelves to be.



And then Charlie got back to work while I giddily jumped up and down seeing new shelves come to life!


After they were up, I took a small brush and a little black paint to the silver screws so they’d blend in. And here you have our  new shelves!




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  1. Dear Kelley,

    Just love those lamps for the bedroom – especially if you like to read!! And the open wood shelving is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Love, nikii

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