New Lights for Our Bedroom

I’ve been so incredibly excited to do some updating in our bedroom. We have plans for our headboard but due to work schedules and other repairs, we haven’t had gotten around to it. We will, I promise, and you’ll be the first to see pictures.

One thing that’s been bugging me is the lighting situation in our bedroom. We have an ugly ceiling fan/light that will be going soon, very soon (more on that later) but we need something besides the piddly lamps, that I’ve had just laying around, for our bedside tables. Normal table lamps would be ginormous in that room and and with the shades, they wouldn’t be the right scale for our little bedside tables. I’ve had my eye on wall lamps for a while to save space because we really don’t have a ton of it in this room. But I haven’t been able to find any that I LOVE and are in our price range.

On a random Home Depot trip, we ran into these guys, and there were exactly 2 left for under $40/piece (sorry, I can’t find the link online, you may be able to find them at your local HD).

IMG_1171 copy

IMG_1172 copy

They’re not conventional bedside lamps but they work great for the room and small space that we have. I also love that they would fit well in any room so I’m not tied to use them only for the bedroom.

I’ve seen these everywhere in gold and brass, but we have a gold mirror that is about to go over the headboard, and it would be too much.  I like the look of mixed metals so I think these will look fine with the gold; I will probably have to forgo the nailhead trim I had in mind for the headboard though.

Overhead I’m thinking of something simple in color but a little funky. I’ve had my eye on this one from Ikea:


I’m still thinking about it, and will probably change my mind a few times before we actually purchase one. I do love the price…

Speaking of lighting and changing my mind, we DID purchase a light to replace the ceiling fan in our living room.


I originally wanted a flush mount light to not distract too much from the gallery wall and shelves, but because this one is glass and has simple lines, I didn’t think it was too much for the room. An absent ceiling fan and a freshly painted ceiling makes for a very happy girl. We are just about done painting (for now)…

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