DIY Upholstered Headboard

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that we painted our bedroom white last weekend, and I absolutely love it. More on our decision to go white here. It feels SO much bigger! Part of that has to do with us also getting rid of our way- too-big for the room headboard. I wrote a little about our headboard troubles here, and we’re finally tackling it.

Sidenote: If you have a larger master bedroom than us (which is most likely all of you), live in the Richmond area, and are looking for a headboard/footboard set we are selling them here.

We’ve settled on an upholstered headboard. We like to sit up and read in bed so we thought that would be the most comfortable option. Plus we have quite a bit of wood furniture and accents in the room so a wood headboard would be too much.

We’re planning on a pretty basic shape, mainly because of ease, but also because I like the simplicity of it. I also like the look of nail trim like this one from West Elm:


Or this one:

Oatmeal-upholstered-headboard-with-silver-nailheads (1)


I’ve decided on going with a charcoal gray fabric. If we went lighter, I’m positive that my Saturday morning coffee in bed would absolutely stain it. I also don’t want it to be too dark that it’s a stark contrast to the white walls. I think charcoal gray is a good in between, and it’s a good neutral in case we decide to change the bedding or decor down the road. 

I’ve been on the search for a good fabric, but upholstery fabric can be expensive, and it needs to be sturdy stuff. Since we’re looking to do a shorter headboard and hang it on the wall behind the mattress (hotel style) instead of attaching it to the bed, there would be a lot of wasted fabric. So instead of actual fabric, I found this curtain panel for $16 at Target that will work perfect. Serious cost savings!.

photo (28) 

Also holding us up on this room was the search of a sturdy bed frame without a foot board connection on the end (that we would bruise our shins on). My handy husband ended up just chopping off the ends of our existing frame instead of us purchasing a new one.


Problem solved!

I feel like once the headboard is in, I’ll be able to make more decisions on other items in the room. Usually I like to plan out rooms before I tackle them, but this one I’m just layering as I go.

Once we get the headboard finished, I get to hang this guy that’s been in hiding since we bought it:


Other items we need are bedside lamps (preferably matching since our tables do not match), an overhead light fixture to replace our ultra-ugly ceiling fan, and some art. I’ll probably end up painting a piece of furniture or two that’s currently in the room, the jury is still out on that one. Also undecided is whether or not to replace our drapes, which are currently a sage green set that came with the house.

I can’t wait to share pictures!

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  1. I am beyond excited to see your new headboard. I’ve been staring at that West Elm headboard for months, but haven’t pulled the trigger because I simply cannot justify that kind of $$$ for a headboard. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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