Client Project: Big + Tall Windows

The flooring company I work for is near a lake community, so I have the pleasure of visiting beautiful lakefront homes for design consultations. One thing many of these homes have in common are lots of big windows. Why wouldn’t you build a home with several large windows when you have a view like this?


The problem (yes there is one) can be privacy. One client I’m working with has a large great room with several tall windows. It’s a pretty busy lake, and when the sun goes down, it becomes a happy hour venue with pontoon boat cruisers taking in the views, and the beautiful waterfront homes. While they don’t want to cover the windows completely and block the view, they do want to dress the windows somehow to have the privacy option.

They currently have bamboo shades for the windows, but the room feels a bit unfinished. And when the bamboo shades are drawn, the room becomes very dark. I’m leaning toward the idea of adding drapes to the windows, along with the shades, that can be drawn for privacy, but doesn’t completely block the light and views.

Here are a few inspiration photos:



I’m not usually a fan of patterned drapes when there are several windows, they can become overwhelming on a large scale. But the below picture features a subtle print which goes nicely with the decor and isn’t overpowering.



I think the drapes will make the room feel cozier as well as absorb acoustics, which is often a problem in large rooms. I like neutral fabrics for the drapes, similar to the above picture, so they won’t distract from the gorgeous view. I can’t wait to show you before and after photos of this project, which also involves new furniture and accessories!

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