Painting Trim White

Happy Wednesday to you! I’ve talked about painting wood trim white vs. leaving it natural or stained in my post here. In general, I think it depends on the space. Stained or natural wood trim looks great when it enhances the architecture, is in traditional homes, or if it’s part of the design you’re going for (think rustic, country).





If you’re trying to open up a space, or brighten it up, painting the trim is a great way to do it. The trim and doors in our house are all white, but our front door and the door to our sun room (soon to be converted into an office) is stained wood. Here’s a picture of the door to the sun room right after we moved in…before we rearranged the living room.


And here’s the door after 4…yes FOUR, coats of white paint. (Please ignore the junk in the sun room, it’s been our “catchall room” until we can close it in and convert it to into an actual office.)

photo (26)

Here’s a side by side comparison:

photo (27)

Seriously…HUGE difference. Before it was painted, the door almost drew your eye over to the sun room (the last thing I want to do!) Now the whole wall is less busy and the door blends in with the room better. It’s amazing how much brighter the room is by just that small change.

So, if you’re thinking about painting your wood trim white, here are a couple things to think about:

1) It DOES make a big difference

2) It DOES require a lot of paint (and primer) so be prepared!

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