Today’s post has very little to do with interior design, sorry in advance. It’s more of a rambling life status post. I’ve been on a “simplify” kick the past few weeks, trying to get rid of what is not necessary in my life or anything that’s holding me back from focusing on what’s important.

I recently read a blog post on the 10 most important things to simplify in your life by Becoming Minimalist. His whole blog has some great tips on de-cluttering your life and home. I think it’s so important for our well being to do this every once in a while.

Hebrews121 copy

So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve gotten rid of technological distractions by deleting phone apps, unnecessary emails, unsubscribing to email newsletters, consolidating my online accounts, and deleting my personal Facebook page (my business Facebook page is still up and running, you can find it here). It’s amazing how these little notifications and emails can distract me and add additional unnecessary thoughts to my every day life.

I’ve also been organizing our house, paperwork, and pictures. What a challenge! How do we accumulate so much stuff!? We’re selling things that we don’t need that will help us simplify our lives financially, and free up space.

Getting rid of added distractions and stress has allowed me to prioritize what’s important, my relationship with Christ, my marriage and time with my husband, and the quality of my friendships and relationships around me.

I guess you can say I’m pruning myself and my life for new growth, perfect for spring (it IS coming right??)

Have you gone through a “simplify” stage? What have you eliminated?

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