Endless Painting

*I apologize to my email subscribers who weren’t able to access Wednesdays blog post. I was having technical difficulties but the issue should be fixed. You can find the post here.*

While putting together a “how to” post on choosing paint colors (stay tuned), I realized that since we’ve been back from our honeymoon in September, I’ve been going through the process of choosing paint colors. This is what the walls have looked like in our home over the last 5 months…

The bathroom.

photo (25) photo (24)

(I was clearly all over the color wheel on that one.)

The living room.

photo (23)

(Can you tell I like cutting in?)

And the next victim…our bedroom.

photo (22)

You can read about my plan on painting this room here.

I didn’t include our kitchen and hallway because I didn’t agonize over the color as much as the daunting task of actually painting it and all the trim (hallways have so much trim!) I just taped a paint chip to the wall and looked at it every now and then before taking the plunge.

I’ve also painted a few closets…not much fun but necessary when the previous owner painted it a high gloss pink tie dye.


I honestly think that we’ve had “swatches” painted on at least one wall in the house since we’ve been here.

I always recommend sampling paint on the wall before buying a huge amount of it. I’ve heard of painting samples on a poster board and taping it to the wall which is a great idea too. I always just go straight for the wall. For me, it activates my OCD tendencies to motivate painting the rest of the room (or maybe its just a warning to my husband of what’s to come) 😉

What’s your paint choosing method? Do you feel like painting your home is an endless task like me?

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