Start to a Gallery Wall

We’ve started our gallery wall in our living room, by starting I mean purchasing frames and hanging them up. I began by laying out the frames on the floor. All of the frames I got from Goodwill for less than $40 bucks total…why pay 3 times as much for new frames when these are in good condition! The dollar store and Ikea is also a good resource.


I arranged them how I thought I would want them to go on the wall, got out my tape measure, started measuring stuff then put the tape measure away convincing myself that I was being ridiculous. I want a random look so putting too much thought in it would just drive me crazy. So I just started pounding nails in the wall. I’m not sure why I can be so afraid of putting nails in the wall sometimes, it’s just a nail!

Random tip when going with this non calculated method, start from the bottom and work up, hanging a little lower rather than higher than you think. You can always move the frame up and cover the hole but moving it down is not as easy without touching up the wall.

It took all but 10 minutes tops and only one frame fell on my head, and it didn’t break (my head or the frame). I got the random look I was going for.

Gallery Wall 2 Gallery Wall

Now the harder part, figuring out what to put in the frames. This will be a work in progress and probably change constantly just like my bookshelves. You’re never really “done” are you?

What’s your picture hanging strategy? Do you just go for it or do you follow some sort of template or trick?

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