White Bedrooms

Remember when I painted our white bathroom a dark charcoal gray because it was too bright for our house? (We are still loving that decision, by the way.) Well, I might be crazy but now I’m considering painting our bedroom white. Our bedroom doesn’t get a whole lot of sunlight as it’s shaded by our two very large maple trees in front of our house. The only time it gets real sunlight is in the afternoon, and it’s just gorgeous.


It’s a small bedroom to begin with, plus we have quite a bit of random furniture in the room: 2 dressers (one tall, one short), 2 bedside tables, and a queen sized bed. It’s not a ton of furniture for a bedroom but these necessary pieces close the room in making it appear tiny.

Currently the walls are a neutral beige that kind of works with the existing decor but not with the rest of the house. I painted the living room Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and the hallway and adjoining kitchen Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore. I thought about going with one of those two colors for the bedroom to make it flow when I realized, I need a refresh. With the mixed wood furniture, neutral fabrics and neutral rug, there are entirely too many neturals in the bedroom making it really hard to pick a paint color.

So, one morning I woke up and told my husband I want to paint the bedroom white. His initial reactions were: “WHITE?!?!” and “Do you dream of paint colors in your sleep?” (….yes, is that weird?)  and “OK, when are we doing this?” (apparently I’m known to come up with spontaneous projects with no warning.)

But seriously, I looked through all of the recent bedroom pictures I saved on Pinterest, and most of them had white walls.

White Bedroom via Coastal Living _ Interiors by Kelley Lively


White and Blue Bedroom via Emily Henderson _ Interiors by Kelley Lively


White Bedroom via Emily Clark _ Interiors by Kelley Lively


It gives me a blank canvas to start with so I can be flexible with other colors in the room, it will open up the space making it appear larger, and it cuts up all the beige, grey and greige that is everywhere. Hey, if I don’t like it, it’s just paint, right?

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