Update to an Old TV Stand

I wouldn’t call myself a major DIYer. I’ll do something myself if it makes sense and I don’t have to go TOO much out of my way to do it. Sometimes you can end up running all around town spending time and money on supplies when it would have cost just the same to replace and/or hire a professional. Some people love the experience of DIY….me not so much (except for painting, for some reason it’s relaxing for me). I enjoy being done with the project and enjoy the accomplishment more than the actual experience. But I also love saving money when I can, and I’m pretty proud of myself on this one because I was ready to buy a whole new TV stand once we rearranged our living room.

I bought this TV stand from Ikea when I lived in a teeny apartment in Boston. It felt huge in that apartment (as did my TV and pretty much everything else in there).

In our original living room layout, it fit nice and snug in the corner.


Now that we moved it to the opposite wall, the TV stand seems so teeny and not proportionate AT ALL.


It serves its purpose, but just doesn’t look right. I was sure we needed a larger TV stand until it came to me that we could just modify the existing….much less expensive option.

I figured we could take the flat feet off the bottom, drill some holes, and add actual legs to raise it up and make it appear larger. I found these simple Parsons style legs at the hardware store with screws already attached. They were under $4 a piece.

photo (21)

Ikea and other online shops sell finished furniture legs but I was going for the “lets get this done in a couple hours” project, not the “browse a million options, order, pay shipping, and wait” kind of project. Plus I’m certain I paid no more than $30 for the TV stand, I can’t justify investing more than that into it.

So I mounted the legs on an empty box (I knew I saved that box for something!), primed and painted them with black spray paint I had on hand.


I also had gold spray paint sitting around so I decided to tape them off and paint the ends gold to make it look less like a piece of college furniture.


I realize its probably easier to paint the ends with actual gold paint instead of taping up the entire leg but all I had was spray paint.

After touching up some areas with black paint and a small brush, I added felt pads to protect the floors.


Charlie got out his drill (I do the painting, Charlie does the power tooling…unless we’re talking about painting ceilings as I’m vertically challenged) ready to attach the new legs to the TV stand. We go to pry the little feet off the base and they actually screw off! Who knew this would be much easier than we thought…


Would you believe that the screws on the new legs fit perfectly? Seeing as every project in our house ends up being a bigger project than we anticipate (comes with owning a 1950s home) we deserved this one.

Here’s our TV stand before:


Here’s how it looks now with the new legs:


It actually looks like a piece of furniture now, not just something the TV is sitting on. It’s also a much better fit for the space.


Next up is adding a gallery wall around it, at least that’s what I’m thinking about doing. Any suggestions?

What is your favorite way to update an old piece of furniture?


Read more at http://diyshowoff.com/buttons/#mrklUEVlpPuMy8h0.99


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