Our Living Room- Thinking Outside the Box

Ya’ll, Charlie made an awesome mistake…he left me alone in a room long enough for me to decide to completely rearrange it 🙂 He came back in to find me running around with a tape measure and knew it could mean only one thing.

We’ve been working on our living room and came up with a plan working with what we currently have. And I got stuck. What do we put over the sofa!? It’s a hard question and I’m planning on doing a post with some ideas if you’re having trouble with this as well. I initially planned on a large mirror to reflect light and brighten up the room but we have enough glass surfaces in the room: a large window, a glass door to our sun room, a very necessary mirror at the entry for a last minute “how does my hair look?” check before running out. Adding a big mirror wouldn’t work right. Our other dilemma is that we have these wonderful shelves on the wall next to our sofa that kind of command attention when you walk in the front door.


I feel like whatever goes over the sofa will compete with these shelves as being the main focal point.

As I’m sitting in our living room imagining where our Christmas tree will fit, it came to me….why not move the sofa to the opposite wall, under the window!?

Here is the original layout:

 Living Room Layout

The cable hookup is in the corner so that sort of dictated the layout (the room was laid out the same way when it was staged before purchasing). But we don’t have cable (we are a movie and Netflix family), so we don’t have to worry about it being connected to the TV. If we do end up getting cable, it’s a simple switch to move the cable line.

Here is the new layout:

Lively Layout

We solved another dilemma with this new layout too. There is a switch at the front door that connects to a plug right below it. So with the new layout, we have room for a light to be plugged into the switch which means we can walk in the door and hit the switch instead of fumbling in the dark to find a lamp.

This new arrangement is also much more conversation friendly and inviting. I can’t tell you how much bigger the room looks now with the arm chair not closing off the room. And we have plenty of room for this…


We bought our first Christmas tree this weekend and it fit perfectly next to the new location of the TV. I’m thinking of hanging gallery style pictures around the TV and where the tree currently is once Christmas is over. We’ll finally get around to hanging some wedding pictures.

We absolutely LOVE the new layout. It’s so perfect I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! Sometimes when you’re stuck, it helps to think outside the box. It can be difficult to do when it’s your own home because you’ve grown so accustomed to the way things are, it’s hard to imagine change. If you need advice on decorating your home, contact me for a consultation or check out my eDecor packages.

More living room pictures to come!

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