Kid AND Adult Friendly Family Room

I recently put together a family room design for someone locally and thought I’d share it with you. Kelly (without an extra “e”!) called this room her “problem room” because of the tall ceilings and long shape. It lacked the coziness she envisioned for her family room. The room has an amazing stone fireplace to work with as an obvious focal point. Her main challenges were furniture placement as she needed ample seating for her family of 4 (soon to be 5!) but she wanted to make sure she had a clear view of her young boys playing in the family room when she’s in the nearby kitchen. TV placement and toy storage was an issue as well.

She needed a casual and comfortable room to be not only kid friendly, but adult friendly too. She wanted something that would go well with the rest of the house which is mainly blue tones. I also put together the design to include her current gray sofa, love seat, and arm chair.

Here is the design I came up with:

Rastegari Living Room numbered110513

Rastegari_Living Room Layout110513

Some recommendations for her in putting this room together.

  • Install a coffered ceiling or picture rail to achieve a lower ceiling illusion. If picture rail is installed, paint the top portion the same color as the ceiling.
  • Hang a “gallery wall” of pictures, floor to ceiling (TV to ceiling for left side) on both sides of the fireplace. This will allow that wall to appear closer versus feeling long and rectangular. A mixture of frame styles, sizes and colors will look great, but matte them all in white as displayed.
  • Mantel can be decorated with a combination of tall and short items, layered.
  • An area rug is suggested over the carpet for added stain protection as well as to define the furniture grouping. The area rug in this design is an indoor/outdoor rug for easy maintenance. This particular rug is soft and works very well in family rooms with high traffic. Use an area rug pad (specified for over carpet) to prevent the rug from moving around..
  • Use baskets for the large bookshelf to store toys, etc.
  • Hang mirror horizontally above the love seat, it will make the room appear wider.

I can’t wait to see pictures once she is done putting everything together!

Do you have a “problem room”? Email me for help!

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