Bathroom Update

Lately, we’ve been working on our only bathroom in the house. We knew it would be a project, but we didn’t expect to not have a fully functional bathroom for weeks! We needed more storage so we got a bathroom cabinet (actually, we ordered it and my sweet Aunt Tracy and Uncle Richard swooped in and bought it for us as a wedding gift-Thank You!). But hanging a bathroom cabinet involved so much more than just finding the studs and drilling. Read a little more about our bathroom project here.

Sidenote: It was very tough finding a cabinet that would fit well in the space, which is odd because our vanity is a standard size. If you find yourself in this boat, check cabinet stores. A custom size cabinet may not be as expensive as you think. Ours ended up being less than most stock cabinets at the big box stores which wouldn’t have fit anyway. It may take a little time to come in but it’s so worth it.

This is what our bathroom has looked like for the past few weeks:


Patching plaster is not easy so we (Charlie) has been sanding, spackling, sanding, spackling, sanding for the last few weeks to try to get the wall even. He did a pretty amazing job. Meanwhile…I start the “may as well” thinking and decide that I’m sick of the yellow walls. I like light bathrooms but our house just isn’t bright, it’s surrounded by trees. The bathroom looks very off from the rest of the house because of it’s brightness. (My brother is right in calling it “the white room”)


See what I mean? It looks like there’s an angel in there! I like for the house to flow, all of the rooms being kind of consistent in mood, so I was ready for a change. The bathroom walls needed painted to cover up our repairs so we “may as well” change the color…right!?!

Off to the hardware store I go with my paint fan deck and list of color samples to get. I tried a lighter gray, not as bright as the yellow but not much darker, I also tried some random paint that I had in our shed just to prove to myself that I think we need to go dark.


When I want a change, I want a CHANGE. I don’t kid around…


(And no I don’t make my husband do all the work…I like to cut in, he likes to roll…teamwork!)

Rylie does not like change, by the way.IMG_0522

But I managed to convince both of my men in the house to trust me on the dark color, and we love it.


(The white room)

Stuart bathroom post




And the whole reason we started this project:





I painted the new cabinet the same gray as the vanity and the walls are Cos Cob Stonewall by Benjamin Moore. Our bathroom now fits with the rest of the house, and is so much more cozier than the white room. I still have some accessorizing I want to do (and thinking about a new shower curtain), but for now we are thoroughly enjoying having our bathroom back AND added storage!

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