70’s Kitchen Makeover

Do I have a before and after story for you, my friends! A sweet friend of mine asked me to help with a home that her and her husband inherited that they wanted to put on the market. The home was very outdated, had been smoked in for years and needed a lot of TLC before trying to sell it.



It needed a total overhaul: new cabinets, appliances, floors, the works. It also needed a new layout as the dishwasher and refrigerator was not connected to the waterline making them not very user friendly!

The plan: Move the dishwasher and refrigerator to the other side of the room (the wall with the window), and adding cabinets to the now free wall for extra storage. We also needed to brighten the room up with light colored cabinets and paint, keeping everything neutral for resale.

The new layout:

scott Dr.kitchen.dimensionsscott Dr.kitchen5 scott dr.kitchen4 scott dr.kitchen3 Scott Dr.kitchen2 Scott Dr.kitchen1 Scott Dr.kitchen

And no, the kitchen is not in the middle of a field with a mountain view, that’s just the background my program chose for me. Hey, I say any room with a mountain view looks better than a room without a mountain view so I’m not changing it 🙂

Drum roll please…



Pretty amazing huh? This kitchen will sell this home (and hopefully quickly!), neutral, bright, and new! And here’s a peek at the adjoining living room.





The awkward “window” in the wall was opened up to create a pass through to the previously 70’s dark wood paneled den. Light, neutral paint and carpet brightened up the entire house.

Huge improvement, wouldn’t you agree?!

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