2 Adults. 1 Bathroom.

I’m glad we did the bulk of the bathroom renovations during the kitchen renovation– before moving in. It was one of those ”may as well” renovations, a suggestion from mom because “you only have one bathroom”. Mom was right. So we took the bathroom down to this:

house 002

A functional toilet, but if you wanted to take a shower or bath, good luck. Like I said, good thing I listened to Mom and did it before moving in! We tiled the shower and floors, added bead board and some paint.

285448_10100101199871597_2388026_n 223048_10100107431213937_799116_n

And here’s what it’s looked like for the past 2 years.


Fully functional and a rather nice bathroom. There’s a pretty sizable vanity cabinet for storage. I also added a shelf for additional storage and to eventually add accessories. But now that there are two people living in this home, there’s not enough storage in our only bathroom. Thankfully neither of us take too much time in there getting ready so the one sink hasn’t become an issue (though I hear double sinks are the key to a successful marriage…next house maybe!)

To fix the storage issue, we decided to get a medicine cabinet to replace our off centered hanging mirror.


Simply hanging a new medicine cabinet is not as simple as it sounds in this situation. The original vanity was installed with an inch gap between it and the wall which made no sense and was just asking for a cleaning nightmare if you ask me. We installed the new vanity flush to the wall, then of course, the light fixture became off centered (driving me nuts every time I looked up). Also not centered was what was behind the mirror….. this:


Oh Hi big hole in the wall! This is where the old recessed medicine cabinet used to be. In order to center our new medicine cabinet (which is not recessed), we have to patch the hole…and move the light. So we make the hole bigger.


A few hours later (old plaster walls are a mess!), we got a bigger hole, a very dusty house and a sneezy wife.


The light is centered.  Now to patch up a hole in plaster walls with drywall! Sense my sarcasm? Anyone who has dealt with plaster knows that this is easier said than done. Plaster is thick, and heavy, and NOT even close to being consistent in thickness. The closest we could get was 1/2 in drywall with a lot of shims.


Notice the sun going down in all of my pictures? It was a long day.

After several coats of spackle and sanding, here is where we are today.


Ready for priming, paint and hanging our newly centered light fixture and cabinet! We can’t wait to have our bathroom back to normal. I’ll show you pictures when we’re done (hopefully very soon)!

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