Our Living Room- The Design(s)

Hey Ya’ll! Hope you’re having a great week! We have been super busy at home with projects all over the house. I’ve also been trying to finalize a design for our living room. I don’t know why I can pull together a room for a client or a friend in no time, but when it comes to my own home, for some reason it takes me so much more time and effort! Is that true for other decorators??

I need to get our house painted in a bad way, I refuse to hang anything until it’s painted. In order to choose a paint color, I have to finalize the rest of the design (Tip: Don’t choose the paint color first. When you do, you end up trying to match everything in the room to the paint color which is really tough! There are a million different paint colors out there; choose it last and save yourself the headache!)

I’ve been loving the black and navy look. I have been considering that color scheme for our living room because we already have some black items in the room (a TV stand, lamp, and a few accessories).

So here’s a design I came up with:

OB-Lively Living Room

Kinda basic and neutral so I can add colors later if I want. I’m in love with the deep navy rug but the more I thought about it, the more I kept thinking I would end up hating it.

This cute little fella thinks he’s king of the household:


And all those little blonde hairs show up big time on dark floors. We currently have a dark green rug in the space as a place filler and the Ry-dog hairs, grass, and lint that shows up on it drives me bananas!

Though I love the look of a deep colored rug grounding the space, it’s just not practical for our situation (the dogs really do rule the households…or maybe at least the design!) And…the only rug I can find that looks remotely like this is either more than we are willing to spend, not the size I want, or is out of stock until next year. So this living room plan is just me trying to force something that’s not meant to happen. In my family, we call it “pulling a copperfish” I’m trying to pull a copperfish with this design plan, even though I’m trying to utilize what I currently have.

Since the rug is likely going to be the most expensive purchase for this design, I want to really love it and ensure it will be durable and flexible to use in homes down the road. I set out to find a rug that fits these parameters plus is lighter in color than the deep blue shown above.

Ballard Designs has an amazing selection of rugs. Here’s one I love, kind of a sea foam green…colorful but subtle.

T_WithoutZoom - Copy

Here’s how I see it fitting in the room.

OB-Lively Living Room Teal

What do you think of the new design? Think it will be Rylie approved? In case you’re wondering, it’s already husband approved! 🙂 But he did ask where the gold sunburst mirror went from the previous design. I think he secretly likes it too….maybe I’ll try to fit it in the room somehow!

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  1. I like the navy rug, but I, too, have dogs and it would be a bear keeping the dog hair off of it. I found that out AFTER I recently bought a navy blue couch. Beautiful but, oh boy, keeping it free of dog hair is a big job. Plus it shows dust! Not only is the paler rug more practical, but it’s a better look than your navy pick. Much more sophisticated.

  2. Very nice Kel and so very “you”. I love the lighter color rug and the trunk is awesome. Where is it from?

    I can’t wait to see the finished product (maybe in person over the holidays!) xoxo

    1. Thanks Katie! I hope it looks a lot different by the time the holidays are here, hopefully you’ll see it! The trunk pictured is from One Kings Lane. I have one that looks similar already that used to be my moms hope chest when she was little.

  3. Hi Kelley, I really like Ballard Design items; I put their Clare chandelier in my art room and love it! Plus, they have great sales, too. They are offering 15% off rugs until 10/21.

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