Aaaaand We’re Back!

I’ve taken the last couple of weeks off from blogging, work, and from real life to get married, go on a honeymoon, and adjust to married life. It’s been absolutely amazing! We had the wedding of our dreams.

Photo by Courtney Vogel
Photo by Courtney Vogel
Photo by Courtney Vogel
Photo by Courtney Vogel
Photo by Courtney Vogel
Photo by Courtney Vogel

We sat there during dinner with our jaws dropped just saying over and over “This is amazing, I can’t believe this…” Months of planning all pays off to have an experience like that, and to share it with everyone you love.

We had perfect, 80 degree, no humidity, not a cloud in site weather which is so not like Virginia but we took it gladly! I can’t say the same for the honeymoon weather. We went to Mexico and had some rainy days but still had an amazing time!

44755_10101185099622807_287069963_n 563550_10101185085381347_1032937873_n

We’re glad to be back and settling into married life. Now we can get our hands dirty and start our house projects we’ve been talking about for the last few months.

It didn’t take me long to get out a can of paint to start working on a few things.

And my husband has been trying to figure out how to fix the “grass” out in our yard. Taking advantage of fall planting and us being gone for over a week…he decided to kill all the grass and start from scratch. That’s one way to avoid mowing the lawn!

We’re also trying to get rid of some of the massive bushes we have out front…


This is why we drive trucks, you can accomplish most tasks with a tow strap…


I kept my distance (hence the screen in the picture) I was waiting for something to snap. Unfortunately this will become more of an archaeological dig than a simple rev of the engine. We tried. You may also notice our pumpkins have been feeding the neighborhood squirrels. You’re welcome squirrels.

While Charlie is beautifying our yard, I’m focusing on my first decorating task…our living room! Stay tuned!

Any fun projects planned for this fall?

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