Decorating with a Tan Sofa

How many of you have a tan sofa? We do…in fact we have a tan sofa and a tan arm chair and a tan ottoman. That’s a lot of tan. Since a new sofa is not in the budget, I’m looking for ways to decorate our living room with the existing furniture. Thankfully it’s a neutral color which is one of the things I look for in selecting a new sofa.

Since the living room is the first room you see when you walk into our house, I’m forcing myself to focus on it first. I say forcing because it’s hard to decorate a room when you’re not in love with the furniture in the room. For that reason I’ve been in la-la land looking at pretty bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, etc. oh and wedding planning in between!

So focusing on the tan furniture room…eh em I mean living room…I found some inspiration on decorating with a tan sofa (I’m thinking about relocating the arm chair and ottoman…but we will see).

The below room has so many cool details, but it’s really neutral. I’m loving the pops of turquoise. For some reason, it’s my favorite color lately!

My other favorite color: navy! Hey…I may be finding a good color scheme…
 This is gorgeous, so neutral but so much texture. And again with the blue!
Here’s one with gray and yellow. My bathroom is gray and yellow but I could grab one of the colors and add it to my living room to make it flow. I’m liking the bright yellow in this photo. Any lighter may blend right in with the tan. Oh and hello there red chair!
I love the turquoise against the gray backdrop, makes it warm and cozy. Nice mix of modern and woodsy accessories too!
The gray and orange here make the room seem so bright and airy without being too overwhelming. This is a great idea for our living room because it doesn’t get a whole lot of sunlight, so we’ll need to brighten it up. Too many bright accents could be overwhelming in the room though because of the small size. I think this room is just right.
The wall color here is probably too dark for the room but I’m loving all these glitzy accessories to liven up the space!
My husband to be would love this one just because of the colors. He loves anything that reminds him of outdoors.
Hey look…navy and turquoise! I like how they used different shades of tan throughout. It breaks it up without introducing too many new colors.
This one has some great patterns! The sofa is a little darker than ours but we can use some of the same concepts.
Which is your favorite?
Oh and in case you’re wondering, we are getting married in 10 days! I’ve been talking about all this wedding planning and it has begun to take over. I’m taking a little break from blogging so we can prepare for our wedding and honeymoon! As my sweet husband to be patiently reminds me…”one thing at a time”.  🙂 I’ll be back soon focusing on tackling our house together, which I’m really looking forward to (starting with the living room)!

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  1. Lots of good ideas for accessories here, even though I’m definitely not a fan beige. It’s a non-color, a wash-out, a total bore, and everybody uses it because it’s safe–and the furniture and decorating industries have convinced everyone it’s in good taste to use beige so they can sell lots of the same items all in one color. It’s a money saving ploy they rely on. The 90s and 2000s will go down as the decades of beige. It’s time to wake up and use some color, LOL!

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