Our House Renovation- Final Touches

I just love when you can see everything coming together! I love the kitchen tile! I decided on a charcoal 18×18 porcelain tile with similar colored grout in a “brick joint” pattern.


After tile comes cabinets. Remember that…for new construction or in complete renovations like ours, make sure you lay the tile before the cabinets (and lay it under cabinets) otherwise when you go to put your dishwasher in, it won’t fit under the counter. This stage is when teeny tiny details and measuring is extremely important.


Installing cabinets is like the game Tetris.


If you’re off by just a hair, it messes up your whole game.

Before you order your cabinets, triple, quadruple check your measurements. If your cabinets will surround a window like mine, measure the window and where it is on the wall as your base cabinet will need to be centered below that window. If you’re hiring a professional to install your cabinets, have them measure for you.

Order cabinets at least a month before you will be installing them. No matter where you get them from, if they’re custom, they take 4 weeks to come in. Even if you’re buying stock cabinets, chances are they won’t have every size you need in stock so you’ll more than likely need to place an order. Being in this business, we see it happen all the time, the cabinet order holds up the renovation. If you’re on a tight schedule, plan ahead and order in advance. In my case, we had the listing agent let us in the house, before we closed, to measure for cabinets. The cabinets came in right when we needed to install them (which can also take some time, details always take time!)

Even the appliances are waiting patiently for the cabinets to be installed…


Moving along to the bathroom..

White subway tile is going in the shower below. The shower originally had white 4×4 tiles that were in pretty good condition, but I prefer the subway look. It gives a subtle pattern without anything too drastic. Plus I wanted to make sure everything was properly waterproofed so we started from scratch. Read my previous post to see the before. 


I went with a white octagon and grey dot pattern on the bathroom floor with white grout. Since I didn’t have too much pattern with the tile in the shower, I decided to add to the white with the grey dots in the floor tile. Read my post on choosing bathroom floor tiles here.


We also added new bead board to the bathroom walls. The bathroom previously had bead board but it wasn’t in the best shape. Once we took it down, the walls were pretty beat up so something had to be done to the walls, and I really like this look. I thought the white would brighten up the room and make it seem bigger (my brother now refers to it as the “white room”…whatever, I think it looks bright and clean) I wanted a different texture than the shiny tile so I think the bead board works well.


The color scheme I chose for this bathroom is grey and light yellow. I just love grey and yellow together. I think it’s such a modern color combination and gives a little contrast to the room with the traditional bead board, octagon and subway tile. (I know this looks like a really bright yellow but it’s not…the lighting in this picture is terrible but you get the idea)


I had to go through a couple of yellows before deciding on a pretty pale yellow by Behr. Yellows are so tough…it’s best to paint a sample square on a few walls in the room to decide on a color. I made the mistake of not looking at the paint at night (I wasn’t living in the home yet and primarily there only during the day). The yellow looked great during the day in the natural light from the bathroom window. When the bathroom light shined in the room at night, it was so bright you needed sunglasses. Thankfully it’s a small bathroom so repainting didn’t take long 🙂

Trial and error is the best way to choose a paint color in my opinion. It’s best to try on a small area than the whole room. Go with your instincts with paint. If you think it might be too dark or too bright, it probably will be.

I will be repainting a few other rooms in my home in the near future so I’ll go through some more paint color choosing tips then!

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