DIY Headboards

Since our move (and kind of before because I’m such an obsessive planner) we’ve been trying to consolidate our furniture and items around the house. Has anyone else had to do that? It is HARD! I want to save stuff for when I have a day that I’m feeling creative and feel like re-purposing something, but I mean who has an extra garage (and a husband who would be willing to sacrifice space in said garage) for random stuff you’re not using?

I’ve moved around so many times so my furniture is pretty beat up. I bought this sleigh bed from Pier 1 in 2007 and it worked great in the place I lived in when I bought it, but it has rarely fit in any of my homes since. It’s just big…and this is without the foot board! (please ignore the lack of decor, we just moved in and literally just threw everything in there to be functional, so it’s bland-city)

photo (8)

I also bought the dresser that comes with it but I don’t really like matching sets, it’s such a pain to move and it’s….you guessed it…big. Since this bed takes up so much space and we really need space in this room, I’m looking at some new headboard options. The “sleigh” takes away a whole foot and a half!

You can see one of the many battle wounds from moving (my poor furniture)….

photo (9)

A foot and a half is a lot in this bedroom! I’m always all about DIY-ing if possible and a headboard is definitely a place where you can DIY. I browsed the web and came up with some ideas. We need something that will go flush against the wall and be a focal point in the room.














guest headboard 4 smd


I’m leaning toward the fabric headboard because I like the flexibility- we can switch out the fabric pretty easily down the road if we decide the change the decor. And I like to sit up and read in bed so the softness would help. What do you think? Have you seen any great ideas out there?

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