And We’re MOVIN!

About a year after we completed the renovations (“after” pictures coming soon!), I moved out of the house for a little while. My job and fiance was about an hour away so I rented the house to a good friend of mine.  After being pretty much all over the map in where we are going to live when we are married, my husband to be and I decided it would be best for us to move back into that house and make it our first house together (don’t worry, my friend found a great place to live 🙂 ). So me and my fiance kind of get to start fresh together and make it ours. And it’s a PERFECT house for us! God had a better plan than we could have imagined!

So we spent the weekend moving back in…and unpacking…

photo (3) photo (4)

Oh and did I mention I had an amazing Bridal Shower this weekend too?

543837_10200305511502295_473779185_n 1000331_10100994533778688_574988468_n 1146598_10200305510742276_78501152_n 1150126_10200305509382242_905144936_n

And an awesome Bachelorette Party…

photo (7) photo (5)

And my sweet friends had their baby…

photo (6)

So the “we” part of moving in was more like my fiance and his dad. I’m fortunate that my heavy lifting was pretty limited.

Now comes the fun part….figuring out where everything goes…and THE DECORATING! I’m trying to keep my focus on the wedding now that I have 25 days until we say “I Do”! The decorating will have to wait until we get back from our honeymoon. But I can still dream and plan 🙂

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  1. Kelley! So many wonderful things happening and look at how it has and continues to come together! Luv getting to know your family and it is exciting to think about seeing everyone together soon again for the wedding ! I can’t wait to visit the renovated house soon!! ❤ that was the most fun I have ever had with awesome ladies at your Bach party and we had a blast having a shower for you beautiful girl❤ it’s been so awesome to see how all of our families pitch in and are there to help when we need it with all the great changes- So blessed my your family and mine

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