Establishing a Focal Point

I think every room needs a focal point. Our eyes naturally look around the room to focus and rest on something. Without a focal point, our eye just grazes the room over and over and the room can become overwhelming.

One really great starting point in decorating is to determine a focal point. Here are a few different types of focal points to give you some ideas.

A structural element like a fireplace

A piece of furniture, like bookshelves, a bed, or a grouping of furniture

A piece of artwork or a grouping of art 


A wall treatment such as wallpaper or a painted accent wall

When determining a focal point, make sure it’s obvious and visible as soon as you enter the room. Draw attention to it: accessorize a mantel, paint the fireplace a different color than the walls, arrange furniture around a large bookshelf, add a big mirror above a brightly colored couch or bed. Whatever you do, make it stand out but make it the basis of what you design the rest of the room around.

For example, say your focal point is a large painting. Use similar colors from the painting in smaller doses elsewhere in the room to balance it out.

What other ideas have you seen used as focal points?


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