Fab Furniture Finds at Target

My husband-to-be and I are getting married in a little over a month. Of course, I have so much to do to prepare but all I can think about is how we’re going to decorate our house! The seating chart will get done eventually:-) We registered at Target like everyone else that has been married, or so it seems. Whenever we go to that store, he knows where to find me…in one of the home decor isles. And I know where to find him…by the food! I get stuck in that store; I hear that for moms, Target is like a “retreat”. I don’t think guys will ever understand that but I get it and I’m not even a mom yet.

I’m surprised they have so many great pieces of furniture there (and online)! Here are some pieces I found.

Target copy

Target 2 copy

I would design a room around any of these! What’s been your favorite Target decor find?

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  1. Hi Kelly, I just bought 4 chairs from Target Online to use in the basement with our game table! This is the third time I have bought chairs from Target because they are hardwood and sturdy, look good and the price is right! These chairs were on sale and I used my Target Red Card to get another 5% off. You are so right about Target furniture! By the way, I am loving your blog! Thanks!

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