Our House Renovation-The Process

Man is it a process. Remember my tip in The Before post about being flexible with your timeline? This is when you need to be flexible. When it seems like what was supposed to be a few weekends turned into every weekend for two straight months and a few (or 6 or 8…actually I lost count) missed days of work. Your whole body hurts from working, lifting, painting, scraping, hammering, etc. You’re exhausted every weekend, with zero energy to do anything fun, or even talk to anyone. And when people ask you “how’s the house coming along?” your sighed response is “It’s going…”

My mess of a livingroom
My mess of a living room looking into the sun room

You just want to be DONE. This is when you have to be flexible and remember to do it right, not do it fast. Make sure your timeline is doable, and that you can physically do it in that timeline without over doing it. That was a huge lesson learned.

I’m the type of person that when I move into a place, it looks like I’ve lived there for 10 years before I go to bed that night. I hate leaving things unfinished. So needless to say, God taught (and is currently teaching) me how to be patient.

Things eventually got “done” (I mean when are you ever completely done when you own a home?)

Carpet going into the sun room. This will eventually become a more functional office once we close it in.
Carpet going into the sun room. We will eventually close this room in and make it a more functional office space. For now it’s just a pretty storage room 🙂
Durock underlayment in the bathroom. Next step, tile!
Durock in the kitchen too
Ready for tile!

Once we got to this point, I started feeling a lot better. I actually felt like there was more constructing than deconstructing going on!

Another piece of advice: have fun. It’s a lot of work, but as in everything in life, it’s what you make of it. If you surround yourself with good company and enjoy your time together, all the work goes by much quicker.

There was one Saturday when I was covered in paint, and it was SO hot outside. I looked around and saw my mom and sister-in-law painting, my dad working on the table saw, my brother and his friend fixing the door and I thought, I am so blessed. I’m sure there are a million other things everyone would have much rather been doing, but they were there helping me get my house together. I truly have a fantastic family!

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