Color Scheme Resources

You’re decorating a room and you have a blank slate (lucky you!).  Or maybe you have a neutral room and you’re trying to figure out how to add color. Where do you start?

One way to come up with a color scheme for a room is to find an object that you love, such as a patterned pillow, rug, or wallpaper (YES, wallpaper is back! And it’s NOT that cheesy mallard duck or fruit border kind) and let that dictate your color scheme.

Another way is to start with your favorite color and see what colors compliment it. You can also “borrow” a color from another room. Add a new color to the “borrowed” color and make the room unique but still flowing with the rest of the home.

There is always the world wide web for inspiration. Today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite online color scheme “finders”. Color inspiration if you will…


Colortopia is nothing short of amazing. If you can’t find inspiration on this site, I’m not sure where you will. There’s an inspiration gallery that allows you to either choose from photos of things you like, or upload your own photo. From there, they create a color scheme for you based on that photo.

I uploaded this picture I took of a sunset at the lake.


And it came up with this color scheme


Pretty neat huh? You can even see those colors displayed in a room. There are tons of tools on this site as well as advice and examples. Play around with it and let me know what you think!

Another great site for color inspiration is Design Seeds. There are color pallets selected from various inspiration photos without having to upload or choose pictures. Just browse and see if there are any color combinations you like! There’s also a pallet search where you can select a color and a pallet is created based on that color (perfect if you’re decorating around your favorite color).

I chose the “winter” theme and here’s the color scheme it gave me.


How do you come up with color schemes for a room?


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