Decorating with neutrals

I’ve worked with so many clients who want to keep their decor neutral for many reasons: for resale, because it’s safe and not too daring, or because they’re not sure how to introduce color. I always get the question of “is neutral boring?”. My answer…it doesn’t have to be!

There are two keys: TEXTURE and BALANCE. (HUH?….don’t worry, I’ll make it simple)

Since it’s a concept easier shown than explained, here are a couple of great examples.

Notice in the picture below all the different textures. The walls are smooth as well as the metal lamps and nightstand. The bedding and curtains are a luxurious soft texture (at least it looks like it from this picture…I would love to jump in and snuggle up in the bed now…zzzzz). The pillows, window shades and bench has more of a rough texture. Now that chandelier, I don’t know how else to describe that but awesome. It adds so much interest to the room!

Now lets look at the actual colors in the above picture. The walls are a light shade of brown, the bed is a darker shade, and the pillows, bench and throw pillows are in between. There’s a great use of white in this room too: the comforter, simple artwork overhead, and moldings. An equal number of representation of each shade balances the entire room without additional colors and wait for it….it’s FAR from boring!

This bedroom is so beautiful on its own, but if you get tired of the neutrals and want to introduce other colors, it’s so simple (and non-commital).

Exhibit B….

The above picture is a great display of the other everyday neutral…good ol’ grey. This particular example has pops of yellow in the throw pillows as well as accessories on the bookshelf. There are also a few green accessories. You could easily remove the yellow and green accents and the room would be great on its own because it has enough texture and balance of neutrals. There’s softness in the throw blanket, pillows and area rugs. I see smooth textures in the glass accessories and coffee table. There’s also a great balance of light and dark grey throughout the fabrics and walls.

What I love about neutrals is that you can change the room so easily (and inexpensively) just by changing out or adding accents! And if you’re just not feeling colorful and want to stay on the safe side…leave it be 🙂


What’s your favorite way to spruce up a neutral room? 


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