Our New Glider

Our nursery is much more spacious after the renovation but there’s still only room for two cribs and a dresser. I’d love to be able to have a nursery glider in there to rock our girls to sleep, but we decided to put it in our living room because of space. In reality, our living room is only a few steps away so it’s not a big deal. And, our old chair that we had in our living room took up way too much space. So we got rid of that and my sweet Aunts and Uncles gave us a new glider!




I really like the clean lines and neutral color, it will last us for years. It’s also super comfortable and supportive, now that our cushy sofa is hurting my back. (This whole pregnancy back pain is no joke!) I love how this corner of the room came together as a comfortable reading nook. I can see our girls piling on top of me (or Charlie) here for bedtime stories!

Speaking of the girls, we had a great check up this week. The big concern with identical twins is twin to twin transfusion- where one gets more nutrients than the other and they grow at different paces. They’re both growing steady and strong at 24 weeks and weigh exactly the same, down to the ounce. Going in every two weeks isn’t so bad when you get great news like that!

I’m looking forward to some quality time with friends and family this weekend at my baby shower. Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

Office Organization

Shelves make me happy, I mean SO happy! Probably abnormally happy. Not only does it mean that things have a place to go, but it’s an opportunity to play around and style! Our desk isn’t a real desk, it’s actually a countertop that goes from wall to wall. I knew if we had a freestanding desk in this size room, stuff would just be everywhere, so I wanted something that would be streamlined and fit the entire wall perfectly. We don’t have many drawers or shelves below the desk, or a lot of floor space, so I decided to utilize the wall space to install shelves for storage. I talked about a few ideas here.

So my sweet husband, Charlie, made my dreams come true and installed custom shelves.



I found the magazine files at Ikea; they come in a pack of 5 for $1.50, you can’t beat that! I like that they hide clutter and allow me to organize my office supplies as well as design catalogs, magazines, swatches, etc. I labeled them with chalkboard labels so everything’s easy to find. I didn’t add too much color because I didn’t want it to compete with the adjacent living room which is visible through the glass door. For tips on styling shelves, visit my post here.

It feels so good to have everything neat and organized! It makes me actually motivated to work!

Here’s the other side of the room that now houses our laundry, hot water, as well as more storage.

photo 2 (10)

In case you’re wondering, the flooring is cork 4 inch planks, and the wall color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. And for fun…here’s a flashback to just a couple of months ago….

image (4)

photo (31) IMG_1275 IMG_1274


Quite the transformation huh? We went from a completely non functional sunroom to a space that we really needed, an office and laundry room. We love it!

Decorating Dilemma: The Big Room

Decorating a large room can be a challenge. Since there are less obvious furniture layouts, it takes a bit more planning (or a workout moving furniture all over the place but sometimes that’s what it takes!) The biggest challenge with decorating a large room is getting started, so I’m here to help with some pointers.

1. Draw it out.

I discussed this in my post about where to start when it comes to decorating but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s so much easier to figure out furniture arrangement when you’re looking at it from a birds eye view. You can consider traffic patterns, spacing, furniture groupings, scale, etc when you draw things out on paper.

Lively Living Room Layout 2

Here’s the drawing I put together to determine if I wanted to switch our living room layout

You don’t need a fancy computer program or any tools. Just measure your space and furniture and draw (preferably with a pencil).

2. Find your focal point.

Determine what will be your focal point and group your furniture around it. It can be a fireplace, a piece of art, a picture window with a view, a large piece of furniture, etc. Whatever it is, make sure you can see it as soon as you enter the room and make it obvious by accentuating it. You can paint it an eye catching color, hang art on the mantle (see the below photo), or group the furniture around it.


Photo by Micah Kandros. Design by Amy Jacobs

Once you enter the room, your eye will immediately fall on the focal point and then naturally flow around the room. If you place your furniture in a way that it accentuates the focal point, you’ll immediately feel more comfortable in a room.

In large rooms, there are often more than one focal point. Just be sure that the different focal points balance each other out so the room feels even.

3. Group furniture.

Speaking of furniture arrangement, group your furniture into different activities. Define one area for sitting/entertaining, one area for eating, one area for reading, etc.  I also covered this in my post about long and narrow rooms. Another mistake I see in large rooms is thinking that all furniture needs to be against a wall. Think outside the box (literally) and pull your furniture from your walls, this will give you many more furniture arrangement options.

4. Use area rugs.

After you group your furniture, define those areas by using area rugs. They help tremendously in breaking up a room; otherwise your furniture will look like it’s just floating in the room with no purpose.

5. Consider color carefully.

Neutrals are great in a large room, but a big space with many different colors will quickly become jarring and busy. Try to keep the number of colors in the room to a minimum and be strategic. Monochromatic color schemes (same color but different tints and shades) are great in large rooms because it creates depth, but isn’t overwhelming.

If you have a decorating dilemma you’d like me to address, comment below or contact me!