Friday Faves

This has been the longest week, for real. I think that’s the case for most weeks leading up to a holiday weekend, but throw in teething twins…ugh. Thankfully I’ve had lots of help from my mom, mother in law, sister in law and of course Charlie. Needless to say I’m so looking forward to a long weekend! We’re staying close to home since the girls have been sleep training….the saddest thing in the world but totally necessary when you have two. We’ve taken steps forward so we don’t want to back track by changing it up and traveling this weekend.

A few of my favorite things lately…

1. These beauties are always my favorite and they are 5 months old today! Man does time fly! It’s supposed to be nice this weekend (yay!) so we’ll most likely be breaking out the baby pool again, which was the most adorable thing ever last weekend.


They haven’t been in a pool or any other body of water other than their bathtub so it was fun to watch. June was pretty skeptical of the water while Faith was all about it and splashing. I swear these girls are switching personalities on us!

2. A friend of mine has a furniture company, Iron Oak, and makes everything locally in Richmond, VA. I recently visited the showroom and shop where everything is made and this stuff is amazing- really well made, one of a kind pieces. They also can make anything custom in just a few weeks.

Iron oak






3. I loved reading this blog post on how to handle twins in public ALONE. This is a constant struggle in my life and the girls aren’t even mobile yet. Poor Faithy Rae doesn’t handle crowds and new environments well. We actually have a new phrase “pulling a Faith” when you’re in an awkward/uncomfortable situation and you just want to scream at the top of your lungs and bolt out the door, because that’s what Faith would do. She just wants to be at home alone with her family, bless her heart! She actually enjoyed this outing so I had to document it!


4. I love when I come across a new furniture source and this one came from a client. (I know, two furniture sources in one post, but when it’s good I have to share!) Joybird is another custom furniture store where you can pick your fabrics, finishes and SIZE! Pick your depth, width and height of your sofa!  Brilliant! I’ve yet to order anything from them yet but when I do I’ll let you know! If you’ve had experience with them I’d love to hear about it!

5. Great tips on introducing color into a room on Apartment Therapy.


6. This is too funny- find out what your name would be if you were born today. I would be Brynn, and if I was born in 1900 I would be Bernadette, which ironically my parents joke about wanting to name me.

Have a great weekend!!


Mix + Match Design Styles

While there are design rules that many designers go by (and that I carefully learned when entering this industry), rules are sometimes made to be broken. One rule that I love to break is that a room or home has to have one design style: either traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic, country, etc. What I love about design is that it’s personal; it’s flexible to cater to your likes and interests, not a style “box”.

Nothing makes me cringe more than a room or home that looks like it should be in a catalog with all matching pieces, one style, all from the same store (sorry if this is you, it’s not your fault, the stores make it easy to do this!). Or a client who has all traditional furniture and decor because they have a traditional house but hate the traditional style. While having all modern pieces in a traditional home may seem a little off, mixing in a few different style pieces and adding modern colors will freshen it up a bit while still making the home feel right. Mixing and matching styles is what makes a home your own and unique, so think outside of the box! I know…cliche, but it fits!

I will say, if you have a cottage on the beach and love the beachy cottage style, by all means, go all out! But if you like different styles and don’t feel like you fit into one in particular, here are some tips on mixing styles with an example I put together using mid-century modern pieces.

I adore the mid-century modern style, in fact, the set design is one of the main reasons I watched Mad Men (PS did you see the finale? Lets all pause for a moment of silence for the end of an era).

Unless you live in a mid-century modern house, it’s tough to pull off an entire house with mid-century modern furniture and accessories. But mixing in other pieces can make it work in most homes.

Mid Century Style Board copy

For the above example I used Eames chairs and a mid-century modern credenza from Chairish– an online vintage shop. I won’t go into detail on all furniture that would be considered mid-century modern, but if you’re curious, check out the mid-century modern furniture at Chairish.

A few points about this design:

  • To tone down the clean modern lines of the credenza and chairs, I chose a rustic dining room table with an iron base. The grain in the wood and unique shape adds movement to the clean lines elsewhere in the room. Also, notice I chose a lighter wood with dark grain that goes with the darker wood in the credenza. Mixing woods is a whole other post, but that’s one trick you can tuck away in your back pocket for later use.
  • To fancy up the room a little and to balance the iron table base, I chose a glitzy chandelier in gold. Brass and gold warms up a room, and I think it adds a perfect amount of sparkle. The lamps on the credenza are glass, which reflects light, adding a little more shine to an otherwise often plain room. They’re also round, which contrasts with the straight lines of the credenza.
  • The color scheme came from the art which I think is a great focal point. From the art, I picked up the pink for the rug, a pop of color, as well as the blue tones for accessories.

The key to mixing and matching is balance.  Instead of thinking of the style, “that light fixture is traditional, or that table is rustic” focus on the shape and feel of each piece. For example: “leggy” chairs called for a bulkier table (a “leggy” glass table would not work here) as well as a more visually heavy credenza. The rustic table and wood tones, needed a girly touch (in my opinion at least, my husband would probably disagree) so I chose a girlier color scheme and a pretty chandelier.

Mixing and matching styles is so fun, you really can throw out rules and go by what you think looks right. If something is off, play with it a bit. Here are some other tips if a room isn’t working right.

Painted Trim + Moldings

I think the main reason people (including myself) fall in love with older homes is all of the character. The unique trim and moldings usually are what gives a house character and what better way to bring it out than to paint it? I have always liked the crispness of white trim against colored walls, but lately I’ve been digging painted trim against white walls. It not only draws attention to great trim and moldings, but it also adds pattern and color to a room in an uncommon way. In newer homes, it’s a great way to make a home feel less “builder neutral”.

















My least favorite thing to paint is trim; painting it a different color would probably make it much more bearable! What do you think of this trend? Would you paint your trim a different color than white?