The Twins Nursery

Well, we’re officially ready for the girls to arrive (though we’d like them to stay cooking for another few weeks). Our car seats are installed, diapers are stocked, and the nursery is as done as it will be before they make their arrival. There are still a few things I’ll do in there after they’re born such as custom art on the walls with their names, etc. and I’m sure the room will evolve as our needs change. If I could give anyone expecting twins advice, start your preparations and the nursery early! It’s no secret that twins typically come before 40 weeks, but I had a picture perfect pregnancy until 28 weeks when I was put on bed rest. I thought I had a few months left to work on the nursery and everything else I wanted to do before they’re born. Thank God for an amazing mom and husband who has helped tremendously in creating a sweet little room for our girls.

This room has come a VERY long way over the past few months! For details on our recent renovation, check out this post and this post.

OK enough talking, here are the pictures!

nursery 2 copy

The rug was actually in our bedroom but we switched it out. It’s so cozy and soft, perfect for when these babes start crawling.

nursery 4 copy

I did get around to making the mobiles for the cribs (they kept my hands busy on bed rest). I’ll share the details in a separate post.

nursery1 copy

I love all of the bedding sets out there for cribs, but seeing as they’re not safe and really usable, I decided to save the money and go with what they need: a sheet.

nursery 5 copy

The girls have a TON of stuffed animals. I’m currently looking for a cute basket to store them in.

nursery 6 copy

nursery 7 copy

My mom did an amazing job on the curtains wouldn’t you say? I did forgo the pompom trim that I had planned because of cost. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more for the trim than the fabric itself. Instead, she surprised me with using the same ribbon as she used to make my wedding veil at the top of the curtains. It dressed them up perfectly! She’s also planning on making simple white crib skirts to hide our under crib storage. :-)

Nursery 8 copy

Those little containers were gifts for our girls first teeth and hair locks, how darling are they?!

nursery 3 copy

We needed more easily accessible storage for random changing items, but didn’t want anything too heavy over the babies or positioned where I’d drop things on them, so we intentionally hung the shelf off centered on this wall.

Nursery 9 copy

The art was compliments of my mother-in-law who is an amazing artist. She actually found the same fabric I used for the curtains to make one of the pieces, so clever! She also gave us these cute little birds that I thought would be perfect (and lightweight) for over the changing table.

Nursery 10 copy

Nursery copy

One thing I love about this nursery is that we didn’t spend much money at all, which is very helpful when you find out you’re going to be having not one but two GIRLS! The cribs were free (story here), the dresser and rug were in another part of our home, the mobiles, curtains, and art was handmade, and the shades were a Craigslist steal.

The room turned out just as I wanted: simple and girly. I love all the light that comes in the room, but the shades block out light easily when its time to sleep. It’s a room that I think will last them for a long time, it doesn’t scream baby or nursery, but it’s perfect for two little girls. It also fits well with the rest of our home.

I’m so thankful we have a completed room to bring them home to!

Decorating Trend: Dark Walls in the Bedroom

I mentioned in a client project post that I just love dark walls in a bedroom. It makes the room sophisticated, cozy and who wouldn’t sleep better with a dark room? Clearly I like extremes when it comes to bedroom walls because not long ago I painted our bedroom white. Both options give you kind of a blank slate to be creative with the rest of the decor. Here are some great examples:

Dark bedroom








Dark Paint Colors copy

I think the key to pulling off this look is adding pops of white in the room: bedding, molding, accessories, art, etc. What do you think of this look? Would you or have you painted your bedroom walls dark?

Babies Update

I’ve made it to 32 weeks, which is a huge milestone for twins. Who am I kidding, every day is a milestone when you’re pregnant with twins, especially when you’re waddling around looking like this:

photo (43)

 32 Weeks

Our last check up was on Monday and both babies are doing great. The average for twins delivery is 35 weeks and average weight is 5.5 lbs, so we were thrilled to hear that our girls are 4.4 lbs and 4.6 lbs at 32 weeks! I’m just hoping to stay pregnant as long as possible (our goal is 38 weeks) and bed rest for the past month seems to be helping. I’ll continue to be on bed rest until I deliver, which isn’t fun, but I expected it. It will be so worth it in the end for these girls to grow as healthy as possible.

photo (44)

Hanging out in “bed rest central” ready for my doctors appointment (the highlight of my week)

Waiting is the hardest thing to do in my opinion; I am so impatient. My current situation has made me sit around and think and worry (I mean you can only binge watch so many shows on Netflix and read so many books). I recently read a great devotion on prayer and was reminded to turn those thoughts and worry into prayer, and have peace while waiting for prayers to be answered.



Please keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks. I don’t know if I’ll have many more of these updates before the babies come, if I can I will, but I will definitely be updating instagram, so be sure to follow me there: @kelleylively