Twin Life Lately – 11 Months

Before kids, if someone told me that their child was 11 months I’d probably be thinking…why don’t you just say they’re a year old? I now understand that an entire month is a big deal. Not only do kids change so quickly in the first couple of years, 11 months and one year is a huge difference, in my head at least. At 11 months, they’re still babies, at 1 year, I think they’re considered toddlers, at least according to clothing manufacturersI was recently at Target shopping for clothes for the girls and couldn’t find a thing in their size until I realized…oh, 12-18 months is considered toddler, I’m in the wrong section! Gulp! (The clothes are way cuter, btw, for toddlers. Think fur vests, leather jackets, ponchos, and various other adorable kid clothes that are completely impractical and my girls would ruin in 0.345 seconds.)



This post is brought to you from my sofa, Today show on, sleeping baby in my arms, and a huge cup of coffee right next to me. We have a case of hand foot and mouth disease, and my arms is the only place June will sleep these days. Faith has yet to catch it but it’s very contagious so we are waiting…and not leaving the house so we don’t spread it to other kiddos. On top of this, both have had pretty nasty colds with terrible coughs. Poor June wakes up every 5 minutes coughing and with a super sore throat, it leaves her crying and wincing in pain. My poor girl.


We also have a couple more teeth. Faith has her other bottom tooth coming in and June has two bottom teeth poking through. When it rains it pours…

Our next well check up is 1 year and I’m already compiling loads of questions as I usually do. I know a big topic of conversation will be their milk allergy and the possibility of me weaning. Also, I know at this age we start discussing behavior (see below) so that will be interesting to learn about.


We have officially entered the tantrum age, and ya’ll, by the end of each day, I’m ready to throw my own tantrum. Big ‘ol crocodile tears for anything is the name of this game. I wish they could understand the boy who cried wolf story. They cry the exact same way if they’re sincerely hurt or if sister girl looked at the toy they want to play with that is across the room… or if I take a drink out of my own cup and they need my cup as well… or they want to open and close the door over and over and over and I won’t let them even after they’ve already slammed their fingers in the door…you get the idea. June is especially more susceptible to the tantrums; she’s always been a little more sensitive in general. I know some of it is cranky moods because of teething and colds, but man, some days are rough.


We are also in a throwing, biting, and hair pulling stage, coupled with tantrums…super fun.

The days of them playing with the same toy together joyfully are now over. I knew it was short lived; they’re now stealing with a vengeance. They’re both just as mobile, but Faith is still more of the thief. June will see Faith coming toward her and will scream and flail her arms because she knows she’s going to steal whatever she has. I’m at a loss for what to do. I take toys back from Faith and explain that sister is playing with it, distract her with another toy. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. I feel like this is when having twins is especially hard. In regular sibling situations, one is a little older and can kind of understand the concept (not saying they always listen…), but not in this case. So I feel like a broken record in an empty room because they don’t get it and probably won’t for a while. Even when they do get it, will they do it? Probably not, most of the time at least.


As far as loves go- they’re all about anything that makes noises or lights up. They love pushing anything, whether it has wheels or not. Music is huge, they bounce up and down whenever they hear music, it’s so adorable. June is pulling to stand sometimes, but most of the time they both stand on their knees. She’s also started walking a little holding on to something. Faith has learned a short cut; instead of pulling to stand to get what she wants, she comes to me, acts like she wants a hug, I pick her up and she now has the leverage she needs to reach whatever she wanted. Smart cookie that one.


They learned how to wave but really only do it at the front door because that’s where they wave to Daddy everyday when he leaves. So now they’ll just sit at the front door and wave at cars, leaves, pumpkins on the front porch, etc. We are still working on clapping. They love love LOVE peekaboo, I mean intense peekaboo. They think it’s the funniest thing. I’ll sneak around the corner and say “boo” they jump out of their skin, laugh hysterically and then shout back at me like they’re trying to scare me back. We have a lot of fun in this house…


Aside from this past week, sleep has been pretty good.  Normally they go to bed around 6:30pm and sleep till 6:30/7am. They take two naps around 9:30 until 10:30/11 and 1:30/2 till about 3. Oddly, June has now become our super sleeper, again, aside from this week. Ever since she learned how to put her paci in on her own and get herself to sleep she’s been doing great (when she doesn’t throw all of them out of her crib…a nice little game she likes to play). Faith, who has always been a great sleeper just doesn’t really want to sleep during the day. She’s more interested in what’s going on outside of the nursery and wants to play non stop. So naps can be a little short for little Faith.



These girls can eat! They still nurse 6 times a day (that’s every 2 hours…), eat 3 BIG meals and I’ve recently added an afternoon snack to get us to dinner time so they’re not nursing all afternoon (which they still do). It’s unreal. I dropped a nursing session, so I was down to 5 and they would wake up in the middle of the night hungry. So we’re back to 6+ nursing sessions a day. It’s a lot. I spoke to my lactation consultant and she said as long as they’re sleeping through the night and growing well, it’s perfectly normal. As of now, I’m looking forward to weaning, but I’m going to have to take it really slow. I don’t think they’re ready to wean and I ended up with mastitis for the 4th time (ahhh!) from dropping just one feeding, so I’m not going to rush it at all.


As for solid foods, they’re still big fans of fruit, bread (especially with peanut butter), veggies, and cereal. They aren’t huge fans of meat, I think it’s a texture thing. They LOVE broccoli, I mean love it. They eat it with such intensity and will crush a steamer bag in one sitting. I’ve been making purees again to feed them while they eat their finger foods just to fill them up. I have a hard time filling their little bellies or keeping food in the kitchen. Our grocery budget has gone through the roof! I have no idea where they’re putting all this food! Me and a friend were joking that we spend so much time and effort on feeding our kids we often forget to actually feed ourselves. I’m working on that; I’ve been using our crock pot so dinner is ready at the end of the day. Plus, now that we’ve introduced plenty of foods to the girls, often they can eat the same thing we’re eating for dinner, just chopped up. Win!

Other Updates

The girls started swim classes a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. We have it on Saturday mornings so Charlie and I can both go in the water with them. We’ve been talking about doing classes for a while and lately they’ve both randomly started hating water poured over their head during bath time so we decided it’s definitely time. I think it’s helping a little, but it’s also great to get them comfortable swimming now, especially since there are two of them for me to keep track of. It’s really important for them to be strong swimmers.

Keeping these girls busy and entertained is our goal every day, and it’s challenging. They love to be out and about, so I have to be sure to plan something every day or they get so stir crazy. Thankfully I have other mom friends close by and we just rotate going to each other’s houses, meet at parks, go for walks, etc. It’s been key to our sanity. The cold winter months are really scaring me because our indoor outings are limited, but I’m sure we’ll get creative.


The girls have their first cousin! My brother and his wife welcomed little John Arthur over the weekend and he’s absolutely perfect! We actually haven’t been able to meet him yet because everyone’s been so sick, but we can’t wait to visit when everyone’s feeling better.

We are looking forward to our first Thanksgiving as a family, and are planning a super low key weekend at home. Traveling, even for one night, throws the girls off so much, so we decided to stay put for the holidays. And I’m glad we planned on it considering our poor girls are so miserable and we are running on fumes. Please pray everyone feels better soon!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Vintage Rugs in the Kitchen

I’m seeing more and more vintage rugs in every room of the house. Sure, they pack a big punch in an entry or living area, but lately I’ve seen them in kitchens and I sort of love the idea. Now, obviously if it’s a rare expensive rug or family heirloom, the kitchen may not be the best place for it if you cook or eat anything in your kitchen, but for a random Craigslist or yard sale find? Perfect!

What I also love is that you typically don’t have a ton of floor space in a kitchen so a smaller (ie less expensive) rug will usually do the trick. It’s a great way to add a splash of color to a neutral kitchen without commitment. See another one of my non-committal kitchen ideas here.













What do you think of this trend? Also…what about for a bathroom?




I feel like this needs to be my motto…or maybe just my every day goal. I can’t seem to live in the moment or count my blessings like I should. Before I was married, I dreamed about who I’d marry, and what our wedding would be like. I met Charlie, the most amazing man there is, we had a gorgeous wedding, and then all I could dream about was what our family would look like. Then we found out we were pregnant with twins. My pregnancy seemed like the longest pregnancy ever. All I could do was dream about when the girls would finally arrive and our life as a family of 4. They were born and then I found myself wishing for the day they’d sleep through the night, or sit up on their own, or crawl.


What happened was, I didn’t enjoy each stage I was in, while I was in it, as much as I could have. So now I find myself remembering the days when I only had to worry about me, not a husband and 2 kids. I stare at pictures from when the girls were so new and tiny and find myself wishing I enjoyed those days (and nights) a little more. Not that I’d change anything for the world, I just look back and think about how much can change and how quickly it changes. But for some reason, I’m always looking toward the future. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have future goals and plans, but it is a bad thing when you let it overshadow your present and not enjoy or live to the fullest in your every day, like I have been doing.

I’ve been doing this with my house as well, and I think a lot of people struggle with this. Sure we don’t live in our forever home, but I don’t want to wait until we are, to live. We’re always looking toward our next house, but I recently read a quote that really struck a chord with me, “compared to your last home, this is your next home.”

We’ve put a lot of time and love into this little 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom ranch, and will we get back every penny? Probably not, but I’m not focusing on that. We’ve made some amazing memories here already and as I look around, it screams usIMG_4061


Charlie and I have been talking about moving and our next step for a while now. We’ve considered moving to a different area, staying in this area but in a different house, we’ve even talked about adding on to our existing house. All of these thoughts not only excite us, but they terrify us as well. Sometimes when you have an unsettling feeling, it’s God telling you to just wait.

We aren’t sure what God has in store for us or where He wants us to be, but we are sure that He’s telling us to be patient. He gave us each other at the exact right time in our lives, and He blessed us with amazing twin girls when we least expected it. He’s lined everything up for us the way it’s supposed to be, so we have absolutely no doubt that He has something amazing in store for us. I just need to work on being patient so I don’t miss out on everything on the way to where we’re going.


Why am I telling you all of this? Because this blog is read by some of my closest strangers and friends and you’ve kindly followed along and encouraged me through all of these stages in our lives, which I really appreciate. This too is one of those stages…